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Fast Track CAA Course

Fast Track CAA Course


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360UAS has partnered with Resource Group; the industry leading CAA National Qualified Entity (NQE), to deliver the new Fast Track CAA RPQ-S qualification (Remote Pilot Qualification – Small).

This course puts you, the student, in control over timings and accelerates the preparation of the flight reference cards and Operation Manuals, leading to a faster application to the CAA for the all important Permissions. There is also a saving of £245 over the alternative 2 day ground School course option.

Step 1 – e-Learning at your own pace (c.30 hours)

  • Pre-course eLearning in the form of 10 web based training modules covering basic aviation principles, which allows you to learn at your own pace and in your own time.
  • During this phase you will also be assisted with production of your Operations Manual

Step 2 – Theory Exam and Flight Assessment on the same day

  • The theory exam takes place on arrival at the test centre and successful completion is a mandatory requirement before the flight assessment (A free exam resit is available should you be unsuccessful at the first attempt).
  • After a scenario planning exercise, you will be taken to the flight test location for your Flight Assessment.
  • The Flight Assessment tests pilot competency on a single drone platform and brings together all of the skills learned in the theory and operations manual steps of the course.
  • You need to have your own drone for the Flight Assessment as well as suitable insurance cover

Step 3 – Application to the CAA for PFAW.

  • Assistance in the production of the CAA application for your Permission For Aerial Work (PFAW).
  • We will provide an independent review of the CAA application, taking the following factors into account: a) Operations Manual, b) Insurance Certificate and c) pilot competency based on the Flight Assessment report.
  • The NQE will provide a formal recommendation with the CAA application for your PFAW. There is an additional fee of £113 payable to the CAA at this stage.
Training Date Theory and flight assessment date to be confirmed on completion of the e-learning stage.
Training Duration 1 Day

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